employee of the month

after 12 weeks of mental and physical vegetation i got up yesterday put on my brown suit hugged my new LV handbag hopped in my designer shoes and stepped right into my new office-building elevator. right up to the 13th floor. being addicted to 9 to 6 work routine the past 12 weeks felt more like 12 months. 4 months in beirut praying for a drop pf rain and a cold breeze. 8 months in dubai praying for shelter from rainstorms and the freezing winds. decorating the house. picking up the pieces of a long forgotten gym schedule. shopping till my savings run dry. hiring my 1st full time employee, live in house help. now im back to the field. grabbing my one minute glory. sweating for my one minute fortune. giving my days to get back a future.


3 Responses to “employee of the month”

  1. nibaq Says:

    Wow, that post was really confusing.

    I miss you. ,)

  2. sillybahrainigirl Says:


  3. mar Says:

    nibaq, i miss u toooooooooo

    silly, you said it girl!!!!

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