technology murder

this morning my virgin notebook died on me. my 1st day in the office i was presented with a brand new shiny IBM/Lenovo laptop. with a fresh hardware smell and never before touched keypad. i unwrapped it from the box and set it up nicely on my desk. this baby was home. this morning i came to the office and before i had the chance to greet her good morning she goes into technical shock. poor baby. she didn’t yet justify her manufacturing cost. i’ve been on the phone with UK with our techy-s, and they are having a hard time reviving her. they juiced her with update ivy. pumped her with anti virus dosages but shes still not 100% responsive. oh the poor thing!!!


5 Responses to “technology murder”

  1. The Stallion Says:

    Work also gave me an IBM/Lenovo laptop and I had it reformatted due to some issues it had once Microsoft and Lenovo updates were fully installed! Now it’s running well but I admit it is slower than before!

  2. mar Says:

    stallion, now we know then why IBM sold the division to Lenovo ;) its crrrap

  3. fadibou Says:

    lenovo is great. best laptop ever. they come 25th of my favourite list :P

    Nothing like a MAC

  4. ananyah Says:

    awwwwwww poor little laptop! may it rest in peace or get well soon :P

  5. Bahrain dating Says:

    :) Nothing like a good old Dell or an HP HP dv6000t they are good laptops

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