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chasing words

March 13, 2011

intimidated i am by this white screen.  over 140 characters from me it expects. words are shy to be typed, full and complete sentences are nowhere to be found. we are being driven by the speed and volatility of elevator pitches, 30 seconds speeches, text and bb messages. these pages were long left blank as i drifted away chasing a minute made reality. in the midst of it all, my words i lost. my thoughts i dimmed. drunk i still get by the aroma of the written pages. rebellious i still become with every thought unleashed. silence i can no longer hear. blackout i can no longer see.  got tired of the same drums sounds. all hitting the same note. a cappella  i will perform. miss the tune. miss the beat. miss the clap.  but never miss my words again.

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society. Mark Twain



January 16, 2007

been running all my life. running to be somewhere. running to get there fast. going through time on the fast lane. now i stopped. hit the brakes. i no longer wish to run. want to walk and smell the roses. take a break. enjoy life in slow motion. steady pace. step by step. tear down the walls built around me. reach out. let people in. learn to trust again.  practice patience. discover a want. appreciate a need. undo fast forward. rewind. catch up missed frames. relax and enjoy the show.

Kate: How can you do that?
Jack: What?
Kate: Look at me like you haven’t seen me every day for the last 13 years.

(from family man)

deja vu

January 9, 2007

in black suit and high heels walking in DIC* sipping a cup of Costa coffee… ive been here before. walked in these walls. sat there. had a bite. sipped a cup of coffee… i look around. the walls havent changed. the faces look so familiar. suits pass me by wrapping masses of hopes, dreams and disapointments. i have changed… these walls no longer intimidate me.  blue chip aroma does not stimulate me. once i gazed upon infected glory. corrupted internal politics. superficial alliances. theatrical performances. this time…i move on taking with me my cup of coffee and leaving behind what was once.

* Dubai Internet City